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Happy Sunday!

Some extra pics from Friday’s sneaker shot as promised. True to the name of this post I kept it casual, threw on a plain long sleeve tee and a light bomber coat paired with boyfriend jeans. SNUG! On another note, I hope you guys are having a great weekend. So far mine has been pretty cosy. I gym’d it on Friday night and again yesterday, which was an absolute killer! Me and El had a 2 hour session with our personal trainer. It was so hard but so, so good! I’m paying for it now though…

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and Happy International Women’s Day to each and every single one of you ladies out there :)


Outfit Inspiration

It’s Friday!

Gosh, I’m so thankful it’s the weekend. It’s been a long week this one. With how busy my life is, it feels as though my days turn in to weeks in the blink of an eye. Work; uni; blogging: everything is a constant rush from one place to another. But, if I’m honest, I do love the hustle and bustle. One thing is for sure, it means that when it’s time to play (in other words, the weekend), I can let my hair down that little bit more…

For me, dressing up is always the best part about going out. Whilst planning my outfit questions I always ask myself include: What look do I want to achieve? How will I make it unique to me? Will I feel comfortable? Will I feel confident? For me, these are the four most important things. Image, individuality, comfort and confidence. Below is a little outfit idea I’ve just put together. All these pieces are in my wardrobe and I’m looking forward to trying out this look sometime soon. Two words that describe it best: modern classic. Together these pieces look timeless.

Have a great weekend team x

Outfit Inspiration for a modern classic timeless party look


Rouge Allure VelvetChanel;Deerhunter Collarless Jacket – French ConnectionNude Halter Neck Swing Dress Miss SelfridgeAztec Chandelier Earrings –  WallisBlack Feather Clutch – Miss SelfridgeHollywood Heels Sandals – ASOS;


Taking a trip

This weekend is set to be a hectic one. Right now I’m at work but later, I’m going to make a quick dash to the airport. I’m spending the weekend in Germany (Mannheim and Heidelberg to be exact) with some friends. Tomorrow, I’m going to a music concert after which, we’ll probably party a little. Great company, great music; I must admit, I’m excited…!

I know it’s going to be quite cold in Germany, but I’m not a huge fan of wearing too much. Almost always, heavy clothing makes me feel claustrophobic and quite nauseous. So the plan is to layer up. Here’s a few things that I’ve packed. Hopefully it won’t be too cold. Wish me luck!

Happy Friday!!

Clockwise, from the centre:

Quilted Bomber Coat; Daisy Bead Tee; Casio Gold; Vogue; Frosacc; Chanel Rouge Allure; Studded Suede Citybag; FlowerBomb; Kahina; Acid Supersoft Leigh Jeans; Chunky Knit Snood;


Jewellery Designs by Alice Menter

It was only recently that UK jewellery designer Alice Menter launched her label. Since, her beautiful, handmade, unique designs have deservingly been featured in powerhouse fashion magazines such as Marie Claire, Harpers Bazar and InStyle.

Photos taken by The Coup

Through incorporating the use of household items such as bolts and zips, Alice Menter’s designs perfect a harmonious balance between ‘hard and soft.’ This really is statement jewellery with a twist. Above are some of her beautiful designs that we saw at LFW;  you can check out her whole range here. I can’t wait to get my hand on a few pieces!

Trend Alert – Sergeant Indigo

Photos taken by The Coup

Taken at London Fashion Weekend, these runway shots confirm that incorporating shades of indigo in your winter wardrobe is a must. This year however,  it’s all about creating a fresh spin on your indigo pairings by using grey, khaki, violet colours and boyish tailoring to vamp up your blue. So add some oversized garments, create masculine silhouettes and transform yourself into ‘Sergeant Indigo’.


Cotton Tweed Trench Coat – £1795, Burberry Prorsum; Maybray Crew Jumper – £70, Aubin & Wills; Stud Western Shirt – £45, Oasis; Military Patched V-Neck Dress – £55, Oasis; Lace Insert Yoke Tee – £20, Warehouse; Premium Herringbone Mensy Blazer – £85, Topshop Unique; Palazzo Trousers – £44.99, Mango, Zemorah Suede & Leather Mini Skirt – £325, Dagmar; Cutout Suede Platform Ankle Boot – £720, Giuseppe Zanotti 

Get Ready: London Fashion Weekend is here!

Right now, we are feeling uber excited about going to London Fashion Weekend at Somerset House tomorrow. Our schedule for the day is definitely going to be hectic (starting at around 9am) but we are looking forward to enjoying a fun filled day of fashion, new trends and runway designs. We’re also looking forward to sharing every little bit of info and fashion news with you so make sure you check out our homepage on Monday. You might even catch some sneaky pictures of us behind The Coup; our sense of style and what we chose to wear to the event. Everybody knows that this is a fashion bloggers standard protocol but, for us, it’s a first. If you’re on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter, you’ll be able to get live fashion updates directly sent to you throughout the day. Make sure you click on the links below to join our pages. Buckle up, get ready and enjoy the ride!



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