MAISON Faux Fur Block Heel Sandals

Ahh Topshop; everyones high-street favourite. Just when I was feeling like I’d ‘outgrown’ you (whatever that means), you surprise me again. I bought these fur balls last week and, my oh my, do I love them. Sexy yet playful. I wore them to a wedding last weekend and got a number of compliments from both men and women. The study block heel is a twist on the stiletto heel that fluffy pumps usually come with and, because of them, I managed to dance the night away in comfort. These come highly recommended!

Maison Faux Fur Block Heel Sandals – Topshop


Added to my wardrobe: Zara Printed Sandals


Another animal print addition to my shoe collection. I could not resist taking a pic of these printed leather sandals from Zara as soon as they came out of the box! These sandals are a perfect summer staple! I will be wearing them with my mini messenger bag in leopard print, also from Zara, here. Don’t you think they will look great together?


Outfit Inspiration

It’s Friday!

Gosh, I’m so thankful it’s the weekend. It’s been a long week this one. With how busy my life is, it feels as though my days turn in to weeks in the blink of an eye. Work; uni; blogging: everything is a constant rush from one place to another. But, if I’m honest, I do love the hustle and bustle. One thing is for sure, it means that when it’s time to play (in other words, the weekend), I can let my hair down that little bit more…

For me, dressing up is always the best part about going out. Whilst planning my outfit questions I always ask myself include: What look do I want to achieve? How will I make it unique to me? Will I feel comfortable? Will I feel confident? For me, these are the four most important things. Image, individuality, comfort and confidence. Below is a little outfit idea I’ve just put together. All these pieces are in my wardrobe and I’m looking forward to trying out this look sometime soon. Two words that describe it best: modern classic. Together these pieces look timeless.

Have a great weekend team x

Outfit Inspiration for a modern classic timeless party look


Rouge Allure VelvetChanel;Deerhunter Collarless Jacket – French ConnectionNude Halter Neck Swing Dress Miss SelfridgeAztec Chandelier Earrings –  WallisBlack Feather Clutch – Miss SelfridgeHollywood Heels Sandals – ASOS;


Charlotte Olympia Flats

We often witness fashion designers becoming prominently known for their best-selling item i.e. we associate Longchamp bags with just the Le Pliage range however we know there’s a lot more to the brand that just the one range. This situation has also become evident with Charlotte Olympia shoes. Due to the international and phenomenal love that has been given to her ‘Kitty Flats’, people often forget that there is more to this beauty than just the one range. So, while I do love the kittens (and I mean really, really love them), I want to pay homage to her other creations, for they too are also beautiful. Here are a few that may tickle your fancy!


  1. Bisoux– £465
  2. Charlotte’s Web – £485
  3. Marina – £148
  4. Bisoux – £485
  5. Coralia – £298

Scarf sandals

An innovative design brought to us by Avéc Moderation; these sandals are dazzling in the most simplistic way. Design-wise, Avéc Moderation have based their capsule summer collection on the universally loved flip-flop. But these flip-flops come with a little twist…

 Hand made in Italy, the sandals are crafted using the finest of Tuscan leather. The key component is the silk scarf however, which gently drapes around the ankle. With a range of over 28 designs and colours, I can’t imagine these unique sandals failing to complement any summer wardrobe. Totally chic and totally classic, these sandals are semplicemente bella!

 Click here to view Avéc Moderation’s Spring – Summer 2012 range.