Sales Edit

Sales have come to the high street! Don’t you just love a good bargain? I decided to be very organised and check them out before all the good stuff is gone. Here are the items that I have added to my basket.


1. Zara top with necklace 2. Goldie of London gold sequin skirt 3. Topshop chiffon frill sleeve dress 4. Topshop floral one shoulder dress 5. Zara slingback pumps 6. Zara pencil skirt with pleated hem 7. Topshop stipe lace crop dress.


Added to my Wardrobe: Lace Affair

IMG_2943IMG_2964IMG_2944IMG_2938Special delivery, these have just arrived!! Dreamy! I saw them a couple weeks back on Topshop’s website and forgot to order them. Luckily while looking for a little bit of NYE inspiration a couple of days ago, I found that they’d gone in to the sale. Bonus! How could I resist? Nothing beats a bit of lace, and that stiletto heel is nothing short of sexy! I’m looking forward to pairing these up with something hot!



Affair Lace Up Boots – Topshop