Miss Dior

IMG_5780Gifts. Giving, receiving; I love the whole escapade. Over the years my friends have always told me that I’m an impossible person to buy for, largely because if I want something I often just buy it. No surprises there…! I’ve also never been one to tell people what I want. I much prefer people choosing something that they think I’d like, for I believe gifts are indicative of both how me and our bond is perceived. Gifts should also enlighten you that little bit by being things you’d love but never think to choose for yourself. My Miss Dior fragrance is a prime example of this. It was gifted to me last Christmas by my two older brothers. Until then, although I had heard a ton of good natters about it, I had never smelled it. Since, however, it has become one of my favourite scents… Thank you boys!


Miss Dior – Christian Dior



Perfume has got to be one of the hardest thing to buy for someone, but this little bottle above, gifted to me by my partner in crime Adi, has quickly made it into a list of my favourite scents. Powdery and intimate, it’s just light enough to have a subtle presence. Sarah Jessica Parker’s first signature scent ‘Lovely’ is a lovely (couldn’t help it) addition to my dressing table. Thank you, A!