Emerson Fry

As always, I am on the look out for new places to shop and lately my curious fingertips have been browsing websites faster than ever. I’d like to share one of my new findings with you. Maybe you’ve already heard about them, as they’ve been around for a while, but maybe you haven’t so here goes…!


Today I’ve come across this gorgeous label for anyone looking to update their wardrobe with some classics – EMERSON FRY

In my case, I’d love to get my whole wardrobe from this designer!

EF-COA-021-00_topper_coat_grey-17_0 copy

EF-DRE-054-00_closing_wrap_dress_black_silk-60 copy

Simple, streamlined designs in classic colour pallets make stunning staples and Emerson Fry coats alone are to die for!

But there is one more thing in this collection that has won me over hands down – kimonos. They are a silk perfection, aren’t they?

EF-BCS-042-00_kimono_flamingo_silk-20 copy

Oh and yes, they ship internationally!


Kimono Love

Kimono Style.
This season designers looked at The East for inspiration. We will see a lot of oriental elements here and there, however the best product of it all are Kimonos. I tend to post a lot about this piece of clothing, but with flared sleeves, opulent print, silky feel- what’s not to love about kimonos. Throw them over a simple vest and jeans and your ready to go!

Top, Love Label Reversible Kimono Jacket, £37 fromm littlewoods.com

Clockwise from top left, Ombre floral kimono from Topshop £55; Only Kimono bed jacket £34.99; Biba floral printed kimono jacket £159 from House of Frazer; Moda 2 in 1 Kimono top £16 from New Look.

Tickle Me Pink
A couple of years ago everyone, including myself, was sporting a pair of feather earrings. As of late I haven’t seen too many people wearing them, but once again they are all over the shops. What I like about feather earrings is that they are quite quirky yet casual, so they can be worn to spruce up most daywear outfits. They also look uber cute on the beach. Next time you hit the high street, pick up a pair to help compliment your summer wardrobe. They are everywhere!


Trail Feather Ear Cuff – £7.50, Topshop
Feather Owl Earrings – £8, Accessorize
Feather Earrings – £6, Warehouse

Gems from jewelry designer Mickey Lynn

Incredibly delicate one-of-a-kind pieces to add a subtle sparkle to any outfit.

Hammered gold and silver marquis, $122

Oval small druzy, $129

Small free form druzy, $129

available from http://www.mickeylynn.com

A Kimono for Any Occasion!

Both from River Island, £30