Boutique Alert – Indiska

Famous for ABBA, Gamla Stan and the Millennium Series (a great read!), Stockholm is by far one of my favourite cities in Europe. With beautiful landscapes and views overlooking the pretty lakes, Stockholm is both picturesque and revitalizing in one. Along with visiting local attractions (Grona Lund – best theme park ever!) and indulging in yummy cakes, my favourite thing to do when I’m in town is to hit up Indiska – a Swedish Store, famous for its bohemian free spirit design and love for India.

In literal terms, the word ‘Indiska’ translates into ‘Indian.’ The Store was first established in 1901 as Indiska Utställningen (Indian Exhibition) when female entrepreneur and training missionary Matilda Hamilton returned from traveling across India and numerous other places such as Egypt and Palestine. With an ethos of fair trade, Indiska has now spawned over 80 stores across Finland, Norway and Sweden itself. 2010 marked a turning point for the brand, when they decided to collaborate with jewellery designer Jade Jagger and launch a stunning collection called Jade Jagger for INDISKA.

Indiska products include house ware, clothing, jewellery and accessories. One thing I personally love about Indiska products is that I always find one of kind pieces that are beautifully crafted and unique. I’m never let down when I visit a Store and I can confidently purchase their pieces knowing that I have supported fair trade. I really hope that the Indiska brand comes to London. Here are a couple of cute pieces from their current online range. Enjoy!!

Top, from left, Jolie Multi Dress – 299 SEK (approx. £29.90)Monia Red Dress – 349 SEK (approx. £34.90)Sheila Tunic Blue – 249 SEK (approx. £2.49)

Above, from left, Stella Black Wrap – 129 SEK (approx. £12.99)Ameera Collar Green – 149 SEK (approx. £14.99); Sevia Ring Multi – 79 SEL (approx. £7.90).