Nike Dunk Sky Hi’s

Nike Hi Dunk Black Women FashionWhen the idea of trainers with heels first popped up last year, I was totally against it. Everything about it just sounded wrong. I’m eating my words now though because I’m seriously lusting over these bad boys. Ideally I’d get them in white: they’d be perfect as a transitional S/S piece. Problem though? But I just can’t seem to find them anywhere. These black ones are okay so I may settle for these. If anyone knows where they have the white ones in stock though, you know what to do…! :)



Nike Dunk Sky Hi’s – Nike



Taking a trip

This weekend is set to be a hectic one. Right now I’m at work but later, I’m going to make a quick dash to the airport. I’m spending the weekend in Germany (Mannheim and Heidelberg to be exact) with some friends. Tomorrow, I’m going to a music concert after which, we’ll probably party a little. Great company, great music; I must admit, I’m excited…!

I know it’s going to be quite cold in Germany, but I’m not a huge fan of wearing too much. Almost always, heavy clothing makes me feel claustrophobic and quite nauseous. So the plan is to layer up. Here’s a few things that I’ve packed. Hopefully it won’t be too cold. Wish me luck!

Happy Friday!!

Clockwise, from the centre:

Quilted Bomber Coat; Daisy Bead Tee; Casio Gold; Vogue; Frosacc; Chanel Rouge Allure; Studded Suede Citybag; FlowerBomb; Kahina; Acid Supersoft Leigh Jeans; Chunky Knit Snood;