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The braids are officially gone! Well, they actually went a little while ago. I do enjoy the versatility of adding extensions and trying out new looks every so often but I’m considering keeping it natural for a little while. I have a lot of layers in my hair so curls hold and last for ages. Say hello to classy, chic Adiyam. For now, she’s here to stay…New Hair The Coup Blog
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Fine Hair – My Top Products

the_coup_hair_careHi all! When it comes to my hair, I have never been a girl who spends hours and hours on styling, nor have I been very good at experimenting with braids, bows and frills.

I was born with very fine hair and not a lot of it, which is why I like to blow dry it fluffy and wear it down, to create an illusion of fullness. Having always loved less is more approach – curling my hair into soft beachy waves is probably the most I ever spend on it.

Here is the guide to my ultimate favourite hair care products:


Richard Ward Keratin Styling Spray – sprayed on when hair is damp, followed by the blow dry this gives my hair enough product to style it with ease. I especially love to use it when I am curling my hair as it makes waves hold shape for hours.

Schwarzkopf Essence Ultime Omega Repair BB Beauty Balm – my hair is superfine in texture and I have a lot of fly-away hairs, if I want to wear my hair straight I smooth this balm when hair is damp. This product give it a lovely shine without weighing hair down.

Percy & Reed Finishing Polish – this product works similar to the one to the left, but i like to apply this to tame fly-away hairs when I have finished the blow dry. This is a little heavy, so perfect for windy or damp days that need a bit more hair control.

Bumble and Bumble Thickening Hairspray – sprayed over wet hair this is the master of all volume hairsprays. My hair has never been bigger.


John Frieda Frizz-Ease Hair Serum – For about two years I have been coloring my hair to achieve that popular ombre look, so you can imagine what all the bleach has done to my ends! Even though my hair texture is fine, I bought this product for ‘medium to coarse hair’, I like how rich this serum feels and sometimes this is exactly the boost of moisture that my dry ends need.

Avlon KeraCare Essential Oils for the hair – this is a similar product to John Frieda but even more intense. It revitalizes chemically processed hair. I like to apply quite a bit to my ends when i don’t mind looking greasy, when i wash this product off my hair gleams with health!

L’oreal Elvive New Extraordinary Oil – this is one product that I use every single day. It is very light and putting too much on is almost impossible. It gives my hair a lovely shine, lightly scented it makes my tresses super soft. I simply cannot live without it!


Natural November


It’s been a while. In fact, more than a while. A month to be precise. Totally an unplanned absence. It started all with a bout of flu, and then my return to university shortly after. It’s a lot easier to keep on top of things when you’re in the swing of it all. But taking a break makes it all that more trickier. With that said though I’m now back.

Do you notice anything different? Something small perhaps? No silly, not the hat! :) I got some braids put in my hair for ‘Natural November’. Obviously this isn’t all my hair but I thought I’d give that natural-esch look a go. If I were to leave my hair completely natural I’d be rocking a Kelis-like afro. Cute but not practical with this weather. I’ll post some more photos for you later!


Say ‘yes’ to Turban!

Having just come back from a beach holiday, I am left with unruly, sun and salt bleached locks. With temperatures hitting over 40C and humidity pushing over 20%, my hair was a constant problem, whether it was keeping it straight or in place. I am kicking myself for not remembering if a very chic way to keep it all under wraps and protected. Now, I know that word ‘Turban’ will probably scare majority of you, readers, but I would really love to share a few beautiful pieces that will make your holiday look stylish and practical. Just think of Kate Moss at the 2009 Met Costume Institute Gala- stunning! 

From left, Eugenia Kim ‘Natalia’ silk satin turban headband, £90; Metallic gold knot turban headband from New Look, £4.99; ‘Laetitia’ by Little Fille $44 from