Sexy Slip

Embellished Dress Miss SelfridgeLately I’ve been searching high and low for a slip dress. A lot of people shy away from wearing them, but I really want one. I remember my older sister had a nude one about 10 years ago; it was beautiful. Ideally I’m looking for one in an aubergine colour. Specific I know but, hey ho, it would look hot! I found this dress at Miss Selfridge which I’m so going to pick up. It’s a little slip-like, but not enough to quench my thirst. Till I find one though I’m happy with this.


Linear Cami Dress – Miss Selfridge

Limited Edition Dresses by Topshop

Topshop launched a collection of Limited Edition Dresses on last Friday. There are  two limited edition dress collections to be launched; this is the first of the two. Below are my favourites. All perfect for the upcoming festive season!




Embellished Bodycon DressGold Print Cut-Out Shift DressWhite Seam Shift DressBeaded Strappy Dress


View the rest of the collection here

Embellished Dress

Embellished dresses are perfect for the Christmas season; you probably will have noticed more of them popping up in shops. I have quite a few embellished pieces in my wardrobe, and the number of them is growing steadily. I love a little glitz and glamour, and embellished garments really do make me feel girly.

Today, I want to share one of my pieces with you. I have so many to chose from, but after much deliberation I’ve chosen…

I wore this dress for my birthday. As there’s a lot going on in the dress, I thought it was best to keep my accessories to a minimum. You might also remember my outfit from this years LFW, where I wore an embellished skirt.


Here are a couple of other cute embellished dresses that have caught my eye. I’m loving the glitz and glamour!

From left to right:

Elissa Tee Dress – All Saints

Stephanie Dress – Jones & Jones

Aztec Mini Dress – Antik Batik

Long Sleeve Embellished Dress –  Miss Selfridge