Outfit – Leopard Spots


Speaking of coats, here is what I wore the other weekend. Ah how i love my rabbit fur coat! You first saw it here and now its back in a more casual look. Paired with my new Lacoste trainers it’s perfect for running errands on a frosty Sat morning.




 Coat | Jumper (ASOS old) | Jeans | Trainers | Bag | Scarf (Zara old) | Swarowski Ring | Accessorize Earrings


PelloBello Fuzzies


I have seen a number of fashion bloggers wear these PelloBello fuzzy beauties. Aren’t they gorgeous?
It’s hard to find a good furry coat for a good price and these seem to tick both boxes. PelloBello coats are made to order and shipped from Sweden. What’s even better is that they come in short and long versions plus a lovely colour palate to choose from.
Get your hands on one here

Outfit – New Year’s Day

zara-fur-coat-outfitNew year, new beginnings! This is what I wore on New Year’s Day. Zara cream coat that i purchased back in September, thrown over comfy knit and my staple black jeans, heels and Michael Kors bag.



Hope you all have a great week back at work!

Coat | Jumper | Jeans | Heels (Zara old) | Ring | Bag



My Best Purchase of the Season

If you could only buy one thing this season, what would it be?

For me it has to be a versatile coat that I can wear everyday and with absolutely anything. And a few days ago I found one!


Zara coat with fur lapel and patch pockets

This colour is a dream cream – goes with anything and gives my complexion a boost. Since I already have a black coat for the Autumn this is a good alternative.

Lovely fur lapel is detachable which means I don’t have to wear it until it gets frosty. Perfect coat or what!?

Faux Fur Coat

By now, you must have noticed that me and Elena have very distinct yet different looks. If I had to choose one word to describe my besties look, it would have to be sophisticated. From dazzling jewels to fabulous furs, trust me when I say Elena’s wardrobe is simply to.die.for!

After all this time, I’m starting to fall for all things furry. It’s probably all this time I’ve spent with El :).  I’m planning on purchasing a fur coat but I still haven’t laid my eyes on ‘the’ one. I’m not going to get into the politics of whether to go faux or real, that’s a personal thing. This Miss Selfridge dream is a serious contender though. It even feels amazing!

Miss Selfridge Brown Faux Fur coat london fashion

Brown Faux Fur Coat – Miss Selfridge


Emerson Fry

As always, I am on the look out for new places to shop and lately my curious fingertips have been browsing websites faster than ever. I’d like to share one of my new findings with you. Maybe you’ve already heard about them, as they’ve been around for a while, but maybe you haven’t so here goes…!


Today I’ve come across this gorgeous label for anyone looking to update their wardrobe with some classics – EMERSON FRY

In my case, I’d love to get my whole wardrobe from this designer!

EF-COA-021-00_topper_coat_grey-17_0 copy

EF-DRE-054-00_closing_wrap_dress_black_silk-60 copy

Simple, streamlined designs in classic colour pallets make stunning staples and Emerson Fry coats alone are to die for!

But there is one more thing in this collection that has won me over hands down – kimonos. They are a silk perfection, aren’t they?

EF-BCS-042-00_kimono_flamingo_silk-20 copy

Oh and yes, they ship internationally!


My Favourite Leopard

the_coup_fur_coat_leopard_printFinally! A year after purchasing this lovely vintage coat from Ducie, I have  found time and perfect cold weather to shoot it. This is my ultimate comfort coat for chilly months. Beautiful vintage rabbit fur is incredibly soft and silk lining adds a glamorous touch.



I am a total sucker for leopard print (here, here). So you can imagine how perfectly this coat fits into my wardrobe.


If you are as tired as me of going from one vintage store to another, in a search of a perfect vintage fur coat, then head right here where you can purchase it with a few simple clicks.


Searching for the perfect winter coat

We’re set to have a pretty cold winter this year. So I’ve spent a lot of time searching for the perfect winter coat; one that would keep me warm, is current with trends and true to my own sense of style. My staple winter coat this year was not to be fitted; I was looking for something that I could layer up. Luckily, after some time (quite a lot of time I must say), I have found this little gem. What do you think? I’m so happy with my purchase!  I’ll take some pictures soon and show you how it looks on.


Wool Blend Coat – H&M

Things that make me go ‘Ohh’!

I have been looking for a ‘WOW’ coat for quite some time now. This Autumn I don’t want to blend in with the sea of black and navy, so going through tons of stores, boutiques and online in search of a piece that either had a vibrant colour or a strong graphic print, has been a long process. Today I am very happy to finally announce that here is it- the ‘OH MY ‘ coat of the season. The winner is Christopher Kane Leopard-print coat, £1.380 (available from Matches Fashion). This coat ticks all of the boxes. With an uber modern take on animal print, it truly represents designer’s bold aesthetic vision. The ‘no button’ design works very well when you just want something to trow over a sweater. Now, the only thing I need to worry about is how to start saving…

Injection of Leather

Oh how I love leather! Whenever I’m browsing shops, leather pieces are the first things that catch my eyes. However being a petite girl with a not very edgy look, a full leather jacket seems too harsh, so I always prefer to add small touches here and there. To my luck this season high street is filled with these full leather sleeve jackets. You can go for khaki, utility or a tweed plus leather all in one- Genius! I think they are ideal for someone who wants to try and introduce a bit of leather into their wardrobe.

At the top, Lipsy soft tweed contrast coat, £80.
Above from left, khaki army jacket from River Island, £55; H&M jacket, £29.99; Topshop contrast sleeve army jacket, £65; River Island fallaway biker jacket, £55.