Twenty Seven + Counting

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I love the way I feel on those rare moments that I choose to troll through our blogging archives. Neither me nor Elena are majorly sentimental but still, the visual aids do have an effect. I turned 27 today and I’m seriously wondering where the year went. Actually, the past couple years: it seems as though time is just flittering away. Either way, here’s to the next year and those that follow…


Added to my Wardrobe: Fringed Messenger Bag


How cute is this bag?!  I absolutely love it, and the fringe adds a perfect dose of quirk. The combination of chain and leather detail makes it a lovely transitional piece that I’ll happily be taking in to a/w 2014. El bought it for me as one of the many birthday gifts she gave me last week. I had the most amazing birthday this year. Me and my friends celebrated by having dinner at Stef’s Italian in Oxford Circus (highly recomended!), followed by a few cocktails at the London Cocktail Club. Probably my best birthday yet, I feel so lucky! This weekend me, El and another one of our good friends are going to hop on the Eurostar and take a trip. We decided to book a flying visit to beautiful Paris and our aim is nothing other than to indulge in its quaintness. Naturally photos will follow. For now though, happy Friday!


Fringed messanger bag – Zara


20140523-233951.jpgAs weird as it may sound, I never thought I’d hit the 25+ category. As the youngest of four I just never envisaged growing up, nor did I ever feel the pressure to be massively responsible. It’s a funny but totally honest thought. A few years back, I remember asking El if she wanted to go clubbing one Saturday night. Her response, which went something like ‘darling when you hit 26 you just won’t want to hit the raves anymore,’ has recently hit a note although at the time I probably dismissed it. Most people dread getting older but, personally, it doesn’t haunt me. I feel much more comfortable in my skin, know exactly what I want to achieve in life and feel no need to conform to the ideals of others. And if that’s how 26 feels, I can only look forward to what the future holds right?


Make up, in order of application:

Studio Fix Fluid – MAC; Strobe Liquid – MAC; Raizin (blusher) – MAC; Brow Zing – Benefit; Glam’Eyes – Rimmel; Lash Plumping Serum – Diorshow; Extra Wow Lash – Rimmel; Beet (lip liner) – MAC; Viva Glam Rihanna Lipstick and Tinted Lipglass – MAC






Happy Birthday Team!!

Yup, you guessed it. Our beloved blog is officially one years old!

Happy Birthday Team Coup

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support. It’s been a fun yet turbulent year. Back in 2012, we started off with two girls, a huge passion for all things fashion and a desire to create a fun, online fashion scrapbook. Together we went to London Fashion Weekend, blogged about ‘things that made us go ooh‘ and gave you a little ‘outfit inspiration‘ here and there. We also had a new addition to our team and, just like that, our little family of fashionistas was made complete. We’re so excited about what the future holds for our blog and so thankful to have you on board. So here’s to a prosperous future, for both us and you!