Boutique Alert: Finery

Finery is closing the gap between high street and designer.


New boutique opened in London on 5th of February offers shoppers modern and sophisticated styling. Finally cutting edge design doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Finery has launched with 127 pieces that will make you fall in love with dressing again.


Their main collection might be a little too simplistic for me but the shoes and accessories are stunning! Just look at the stunning metails and intricate detail. Love!


Looking forward to summer…

Untitled-2I’m holding my breath until I can unpack my summer wardrobe and get all cute outfits and shoes out. White I wait I can’t help but do some shopping around.

I follow two girls, owners of Sabo Skirt shop, on Instagram and can’t help but fall in love with these cute pieces they have stocked in their store. They have a really good eye for picking colorful and sexy outfits!

Untitled-1Maybe I might just try a bit more color for this coming season!


424 Fifth

thumb_01 copyAs a working lady I am always searching for office friendly pieces that strike the perfect balance between smart and cool. I refuse to wear a straight up suit unless it has an element of YSL about it, or an office shirt unless it looks like you stole it from the opposite sex. I was pleasantly surprised when I came across 424 Fifth collection from Lord & Taylor online. It is full of fresh prints, bold colors, full skirts and mesh elements.

thumb_14 copythumb_23 copy

Whole collection ranges under $100 with only a few top end items at $248 like that stunning palm tree print jacket. Now while they don’t ship internationally, I definitely have Lord & Taylor on my list of places to visit when in New York.



b1For the second instalment of my boutique findings (first one, here) I would like to show you my new favourite designer form the other side of the world – BEC AND BRIDGE.

b4As a lover of all things minimal, this Australian label is really tickling my fancy. Their look is modern, sexy and sophisticated. BEC AND BRIDGE collections consist of chic separates that work wonders with each other and feature muted pastel colours that are fairly easy to pair with your existing wardrobes.

b2I find their designs very fresh. Especially the cut out details, that have been tired out by the high street, seem very chic and elegant. It’s no lie, you would need to have the most amazing body to pull some of these dresses off, but I really love the overall silhouettes they create!

Emerson Fry

As always, I am on the look out for new places to shop and lately my curious fingertips have been browsing websites faster than ever. I’d like to share one of my new findings with you. Maybe you’ve already heard about them, as they’ve been around for a while, but maybe you haven’t so here goes…!


Today I’ve come across this gorgeous label for anyone looking to update their wardrobe with some classics – EMERSON FRY

In my case, I’d love to get my whole wardrobe from this designer!

EF-COA-021-00_topper_coat_grey-17_0 copy

EF-DRE-054-00_closing_wrap_dress_black_silk-60 copy

Simple, streamlined designs in classic colour pallets make stunning staples and Emerson Fry coats alone are to die for!

But there is one more thing in this collection that has won me over hands down – kimonos. They are a silk perfection, aren’t they?

EF-BCS-042-00_kimono_flamingo_silk-20 copy

Oh and yes, they ship internationally!


The Coup’s guide on Dressing Vintage

The Coup Guide to VintageA couple weeks ago, The Coup were asked to visit Judy’s Travelling Fair at Old Spitalfields Market and put together a guide on how to dress vintage. For those of you who haven’t come across the Fair yet you should really check it out. It’s a little haven for lovers of all things vintage. As someone who is not vintage mad, I found myself falling for timing pieces. Come on, who can say no to vintage broaches and designer handbags?! Exactly!

Judys-Vintage-The-Coupe-2-720x720 Judys-Vintage-The-Coupe-720x720Those of you who’d like to read our guide to dressing vintage can do so here

Enjoy reading! xx


Boutique Alert: Nasty Gal

Let me introduce you to Nasty Gal. We all know we have a little adventurous side, where we play with fashion and try on risqué pieces. This American boutique caters for the coolest girl in town, who puts on whatever suits her mood. Started as a small ebay store, within five years the store grew to become an international brand for those seeking  great vintage and new pieces, shoes and accessories. The collections are sourced from all over, flea markets or showrooms, I think you will be able to find some truly unique pieces. Looking forward to trying out Nasty Gal myself, let us know what you think!

Meet The Kooples: a brand you are bound to love!

I’d like to introduce those who don’t know, to a massive hit among the young, rock and roll girls and boys to a French brand – The Kooples. This brand has found a quirky niche in the fashion market and introduced a store where new couples, married couples, men and women in civil partnerships who are feeling in sync, can shop and create styles that are in sync also. It’s clever advertising campaign uses real couples who look drop dead stylish in Kooples clothing. In the image above, you are looking at Johan and Mikaela who have been dating for 1 year.


Sharp blazers, crisp shirts, skinny fit trousers and pointy heels, this is Parisian chic at it’s best. And now with over ten stores in London, whats not to love?

Boutique Alert: Ministry of Retail

It always seems that the cutest fashion always comes from Asia.  Something about their super fresh take on getting dressed and unlimited imagination, so I am glad to start seeing more of their labels making into the UK. New Look have started stocking  new labels and you can find an occasional Asian brand at Topshop’s label lounge…
However internet is probably still your best source when it comes to finding new designers. Hence I want to share with you a boutique I came across – Ministry of Retail! I know on-line shopping can make you nervous a lot of the time but these guys really put a lot of emphasis on making your experience with them as stress free and exciting as possible. A very neat tool at the top of the page allows you to change currency with just one click (without losing your page load!). They stock over 500 designs, some of them so unique I cannot wait to try them out.
For example look at the white cloak style jacket at the top of the page, £29. Cape sleeves so fierce your arms make a stylish cutting edge look, reminiscent of statement made by Guineth Paltrow, who wore a cape white dress at the Oscars 2012. They have a huge selection of dresses on offer, from structured pieces to relaxed holiday ones, flowing and romantic. Everything comes at very affordable prices, which allows you to pick and mix and try new things. So go on check them out!

All images courtesy Ministry of Retail.

Get to Know…Kate Spade

Westfield Store (photo by The Coup)

I get so excited when I get introduced to a new label! That’s exactly what happened when I wondered into a new Kate Spade New York store in Westfield (White City) shopping centre. This boutique is lovely, ambient and all of the products were presented with great style and composition. I must have spent good 20 minutes walking through the shop, constantly stopping, looking and touching every item. From clothes to jewellery, to bags and shoes, you see the trademark Kate Spade’s design being carried through.

It all started in 1993, when Kate Brosnahan Spade set out to design the perfect bag. She created only 6 silhouettes, playing with sleek colour palettes and textures. Everyone fell for that fresh take on the everyday accessory and from then on Kate Spade New York with its graphic approach and trademark became a visually recognisable brand all over the world.

In 2012 you see this brand carry it’s colourful design through handbags and clothing, jewellery, shoes, stationery, eyewear, baby, fragrance, tabletop, bedding and gifts.

At the average price of £200 for a designer bag – it is very good value. You can see one of them being featured in your ‘Work It’ bag post here. Cannot wait to pop in there for another look next time I am in Westfield!

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world…

”David Jones is Australia’s oldest department store.”

Ah yes, after seeing it’s Spring Summer 2013 preview fashion show I know why this department store is loved by so many. The much anticipated collection is out and has lived up to it’s expectations!  The designs are very modern, streamlined and even edgy, definitely not what most would expect from the department store!

Click here to see their Summer Catalogue modelled by studding Miranda Kerr.

P.S. If you are in love with the pink dress above (I definitely am!) but you are in here UK with no means of getting to Australia, then have a look at this number from Urban Outfitters….not quite but still gorgeous! Get it here!

Runway images source:

Boutique Alert: Chicwish

Chicwish-Hong Kong based indie design online store, selling vintage-inspired and handmade collections, sourced from their own designers as well as globally. It quickly got under the radar of international fashion bloggers, treasured for it’s ‘one of’ designs. Chicwish is regularly featured on the pages of Chictopia and Instinto de Vestir, it is my new access to the amazing and unique stuff all the way from Tokyo to London at a very reasonable price. Here is a selection of what caught my eye on their website this month:

Greet The Sun Twinset Dress $65.50

Pearly Collar Shirt in White $43.90

Oversize Chiffon Trench Coat by Chic+ $69.90