About The Coup

Twenty-seven, London-based Russian and lover of all things art.

Having always been into fashion, my role as a designer has thankfully continued to keep me involved in the wonderful world of style. Naturally, this has fuelled my fire that little bit more. 

Photography, Mediterranean food and interior design are just a couple of things that make me tick. I’m most passionate about monochrome dressing and capsule wardrobes however. To me, black is more than a colour. It’s a medium to transpose and highlight silhouettes; shifting focus from one thing to another. With that said, my motto is, as always: ‘less is more.’


Twenty-five, Londoner and lover of all things colourful. 

Honestly, I’m one of those people that has their fingers dipped into a lot of pies. By day, I work in education. By night (or, should I say, a couple of evenings a week), I’m a student; where I’m studying part-time to complete a masters in European History. But, in addition to working with teenagers and my love for historical studies, my true love comes from being creative. I wouldn’t call myself a creative mind; I’d say that I’m more of a creative spirit. Whether it is playing with garments and / or writing, I feel and become something totally indescribable when I’m in my creative element. It’s in these moments that I truly feel alive. 


As two great friends, in summer 2012, we decided to start our own blog: The Coup Focussing largely on our fashion findings, our blog acts as our ‘scrapbook:’ where we pin, note and capture everything that we are currently obsessed with and love.

So welcome. We hope that you enjoy browsing!

Facebook www.facebook.com/thecoupeu
Bloglovin http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/3846207/the-coup
Instagram @teamcoup
Twitter www.twitter.com/thecoupuk

Feel free to get in touch – thecoupuk@gmail.com

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