Outfit: Pink Panther

Pretty in pink? No, i’m a panther in pink!

There comes a time in every mans life when he’s unwillingly forced to change his style and keep up with the trends. Pressure from the lady friend to try new things (usually along the lines of “babe, Harry is soo stylish, you should get some tips from him” or she takes matters into her own hands and starts buying you clothes) are the triggers to this ‘male style’ crisis.IMG_6052Crisis?! What crisis? Just put on a pink blazer and strut down the high street smooth as a panther would. Here i am in a Zara slim fit blazer, complimented with a plain white stretchy shirt from Zara, along with pair of skinny jeans from River Island.
IMG_60531IMG_60641IMG_6076IMG_6085IMG_60901I’m wearing a pair of combination desert shoes courtesy of Zara in a black suede and leather look. They are style meets comfort and thats a combination that agrees with my feet.

Ctrl, over & OUT!


I’m wearing;

Combination desert shoe – Zara

Skinny jeans – River Island

Pink Blazer – Zara

Stretch white shirt – Zara 

One thought on “Outfit: Pink Panther

  1. Hi, this might be a long shot but you don’t happen to have the reference number for the black two tone Zara bomber jacket do you?

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