Searching for the perfect dress…


Last weekend was all about finding the perfect evening dress. I have been to every high street store and every boutique in search of something very special.

At Ghost I have tried on a few heavenly silk gowns in pretty nude palletes. They made me feel like a princess, but perhaps had too much of a bridal feel to them.

Madame Boudoir in East London had a stunning black number. Body-con design with a fishtail was definitely sexy, but this time around I am trying really hard NOT to go for black. Unusual for me, I know!


My visit to Boutique LNDN was particularly fruitful, that’s where I tried on most glamorous garments I’ve ever seen. This little shop is situated in East London’s Green lanes, and it hard to miss as the most stunning pieces grace it’s shop’s window. All of the dresses that I have tried on can be tailored to fit and I was definitely spoiled for colours and designs to choose from!evening_dress_search_the_coup_3

I have particularly fell in love with the lemon number from Boutique LNDN, above middle. This pale yellow is very refreshing, design is simple yet the silhouette is bold. It complemented my curvy figure and once fitted right, will be a bomb! I can’t stop thinking about it since… I think I may have found the dress!

Update to follow, have a lovely day everyone!


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