20140523-233951.jpgAs weird as it may sound, I never thought I’d hit the 25+ category. As the youngest of four I just never envisaged growing up, nor did I ever feel the pressure to be massively responsible. It’s a funny but totally honest thought. A few years back, I remember asking El if she wanted to go clubbing one Saturday night. Her response, which went something like ‘darling when you hit 26 you just won’t want to hit the raves anymore,’ has recently hit a note although at the time I probably dismissed it. Most people dread getting older but, personally, it doesn’t haunt me. I feel much more comfortable in my skin, know exactly what I want to achieve in life and feel no need to conform to the ideals of others. And if that’s how 26 feels, I can only look forward to what the future holds right?


Make up, in order of application:

Studio Fix Fluid – MAC; Strobe Liquid – MAC; Raizin (blusher) – MAC; Brow Zing – Benefit; Glam’Eyes – Rimmel; Lash Plumping Serum – Diorshow; Extra Wow Lash – Rimmel; Beet (lip liner) – MAC; Viva Glam Rihanna Lipstick and Tinted Lipglass – MAC






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