Fun times ahead

The-CoupMonday! I’m so glad this week has finally arrived. The past couple of weeks have been massively hectic for me and fortunately I have this week off of work. I haven’t been feeling 100% lately. Last week I couldn’t take anymore and had to go to the doctors. Apparently I’ve been doing too much so he’s demanded that I take it easy for at least a week. With that in mind I decided to cancel my plans over the weekend and just chill. I’m going to continue taking it easy this week although it’s my birthday on Wednesday… For now though, check out this GIF. It’s making me laugh so hard! I created it using three sequential shots that were taken back for this post in October last year. As much as I am a fan of colder weather, the number of outtakes we collate because of the wind is straight crazy. The above is pretty typical – here I’m trying to fix my hair but instead I look as though I’m creating a new dance move. Inspiration for fun times to be had this coming weekend perhaps? I might just have to patent this…


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