Outfit – Too Cool for School

IMG_0861The other day, for an afternoon amble with El in Hampstead, I swapped my staple look of a skirt and pumps for a pair of worn converse and tattered, although new pair of skinnies. Wearing a knit that was two sizes up helped add to that extra slouchy look. Dress down days – gotta love ’em. They get two thumbs up from me.IMG_0856

We took a stroll, did a little bit of shopping and then had a sensible afternoon coffee. In one of the shops (Whistles I think), I saw this gorgeous necklace with an inscription that caught my eye…

IMG_0837“He who holds the key can unlock my heart.”

How quaint; how cute.


Although I can’t exactly say the same for my chucks… oops! Err, I think I need to invest in a new pair sometime soon.

Hope you beauts have a lovely day



Knit – H&M; Ripped Skinny Jeans – Zara; All Stars – Converse; Shoulder Bag – H&M

2 thoughts on “Outfit – Too Cool for School

  1. Hi
    I just discovered your blog because I was googling one of kenzas creations from Ivy Revel (the short denver dress). I have to say I absolutely love it! I love that you don’t only wear designer clothes which I would never be able to afford in a million years but also wear h&m or top shop. I also love that your blog inspires me so much. When I see your outfits I don’t always think that I have to buy a particular article of clothing but I rather think that you wear something which I could recreate with my own wardrobe. (Although to be honest I will definitely get that blue h&m wrap dress!)
    Thanks for taking the time to create such a wonderful blog.

  2. Hi Ingeborg,

    Thank you so much for your comment. It’s great that you’ve enjoyed reading through our blog, and that you can relate to our sense of style.

    I totally agree with you, and half of the frustration that I still get from following other fashion blogs is that most of the garments I see are just too expensive. For me fashion has always been about expression. As long as I feel comfortable and confident in something, where I have bought it really doesn’t come into it. In fact, if I can get what I like at fair price I would call that some pretty smart shopping… :)

    Thanks for your comment. Keep reading, and stay in touch.

    Adiyam x

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