Searching for… the perfect pump

For a shoe addict such as myself, I was absolutely shocked to have realised that I do not own a pair of classic black pumps! I have every colour and pattern under the rainbow, strappy, chunky, kitten heel or a wedge, yet when it comes to a staple such as black patent leather stiletto, there seems to be a black hole in my shoe organiser.


Since this little wardrobe problem has been brought to my attention, I have started the search for the perfect pump (just give me a reason to shop for shoes!). If money was no object I would head straight to Christian Louboutin, for his Pigalle 120 patent leather pumps, above.

But with the budget of around £150, this is a selection that I have narrowed all my findings down to.


On the weekend I shall go and try these babies on and let you know which pair is the winner! Ta-ta!


One thought on “Searching for… the perfect pump

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