Reflecting on 2013

Reflection Edit

This post should truly have gone up a couple of days ago. On Wednesday to be precise. But along with work and the downtime that always comes with the end of festive season, I felt as though I really did want to take some time out to reflect on the year I’ve had: what I’ve gained, lost and, most importantly, learned.

An innumerable number of people have told me that 2013 has been their best year. For me, however, I wouldn’t say the same. Not to say that it was a terrible year, it wasn’t. It could have been worse. And my ‘happy-go-lucky’ stance has convinced me that maybe, just maybe, perhaps it was time for me to learn how to deal with ‘adult’ issues.

With that said, however, I am one step closer to having the career I’ve always wanted. I have a beautiful family and an amazing (totally amazing!) circle of friends. Everyday, whether I’m at home, work or out with my buddies, I’m surrounded by a whole lot of love. And I have you guys, Team Coup. So here’s to an amazing 2014. I hope it brings you everything you’ve ever wanted. I’m looking forward to having you here with me on my journey.


Floppy Hat – Topshop

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