Outfit Inspiration – NYE

I’m finding dressing for NYE this year to be tricky business. It’s not that I find it hard to pick outfits and string new pieces together (shock!). No, it’s more the lack of plans that are affecting my decision making. Me and some friends will be starting at a house party (fun!) and then, after the clock strikes 12, we’ll be heading out elsewhere; either to another house party or some bars. Who knows?!

So, how do you dress for something when you don’t really what the plan is? Usually, by this time, I know exactly what I’m wearing (a little OCD perhaps?). I don’t want to be over dress but turning up under dressed is ten times worse. I’ve just ordered some bits online, here they are for you. I’m thinking of wearing this oversized crinkled shirt, either tucked into the skirt and buttoned up to the top, with the brooch at the collar or loosely with some buttons undone. I’ll try it all on for you and shoot some photos if I end up running with this. Hopefully it looks good!

NYE Topshop Sequin Brooch Swaroski Diamonte London The Coup Fashion Outfit Inspiration

Crinkle Oversized Shirt – Topshop; Stripe Sequin Mini Skirt – Topshop; Mix Stone Brooch – Topshop; Simplicity Earrings – Swarovski

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