Added to my wardrobe: Hollywood Heels

Recently I decided that I need to start being a little more adventurous with my footwear. You may remember from my previous post on Aquazzura a little while back: I can’t walk in heels. Okay… Can’t walk may be a little bit of an exageration, but  honestly I’m no pro – that’s for sure! One of my New Year resolutions is to improve my strutt and this I am determined to do. What was it they say about practice making perfect again?!

So, with that in mind I ordered these beautiful, minimalistic ‘Hollywood’ heels from ASOS a couple of days ago.  As high as they are they’re slightly tricky to walk in but I’m just too in love to send them back. Aren’t they just divine? I can’t wait to rock these! I better get practicing….

ASOS Hollywood Heels

Available here

3 thoughts on “Added to my wardrobe: Hollywood Heels

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