Vogue Fashion Night Out

A review: Vogue’s Fashion Night Out – London: the party, the music, the fashion.

An uncoordinated sequence of crowds gathered outside almost every store to experience the euphoric frenzy that engulfed that the capital last Thursday evening. From high-street to high fashion, hundreds of fashion devotees flocked to the capital to experience London’s FNO. With music pumping from every corner, free goody bags and complimentary champagne, Vogue’s FNO rocked central Londons fashion world to it’s core. And there we were. Team Coup; we hit the high-street hard. Zara, Mango, Urban Outfitters; we went everywhere! Our two favourites for the night however, had to be River Island and Topshop.

Upon arrival at River Island, we were greeted by an uber cute mini named “Ri Ver” and nail bar. And with an amazing A/W range, discounts on all purchases and complimentary goody bags, there was no way Team Coup could resist a little buy. It was Topshop however that was the hub of the high street. With free prize draws for either a years shoe supply or £500 to spend in store, hundreds of both young and mature ladies sported smiles as proof that they were in total bliss. And, if we’re totally honest, Team Coup were amongst the group. We even got to see a free live performance by British singer/songwriter Delilah (about 2 weeks ago, we bought tickets to go to her concert in October, so you can understand why this excited us so much!).

What we loved most about FNO was that it aimed to and, we believe, successfully improved accessibility to fashion for all. We all know that the fashion world is hugely diverse in it’s nature; high fashion is high fashion, and high street is high street. But what FNO successfully achieved however was that individuals who shopped in Topshop were equally able to walk into Burberry and have the same shopping experience. Likewise the hundreds that flocked to central London were so diverse in personal style. We had young and mature ladies and people of all different colours and creeds. With ease, FNO catered for all.

With both London and Team Coup still buzzing, it’s safe to say that say we’re already looking forward to next year!

What was the highlight of your FNO experience? Whether it was in London or elsewhere around the world, we’d love to hear about your experience in a comment below!

Team Coup x

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