Back to Basics

And just like that, the holiday season was over and post holiday blues came out in full effect to rub a little salt in the wound. No more holidays for a while. Pants! Total pants, I know. But however you feel, don’t let your mood effect your wardrobe. You may have to wear office-wear to work (for now) but these cute, feminine garments will help keep you in the driving seat. You know what they say; look good, feel great!


1. Lace Front Top – £45, Warehouse

2. Black Stretch Leather Skirt – £950, Jitrois

3. Wool Jersey Dress – £325, Joseph

4. Carolee Lux Slightly Jaded Bold Leaf Collar Necklace – £143, Bloomingdales

5. Studded Leather Shopper – £70, Warehouse

6. Pigalle 120 Python Pumps – £735, Christian Louboutin

7. 18K Spike Ring, Anita Ko

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