The pack is back!

Yes it’s true; from high fashion to high street fashion, the backpack is well and truly back. Personally, having categorized backpacks as a ‘student thing,’ I’ve always been slightly backpack-phobic. But with fashion brands such as Longchamp getting in on the backpack craze, this association is out of the window and the idea of being comfortable is really growing on me. We all know how uncomfortable carrying an overloaded, heavy handbag can be. So for those days when you’re carrying an extra thing or two, grab a backpack to help you carry your load, both comfortably and fashionably. Below is my favourite from Longchamp’s Le Pliage line. Inspired by the art of Japanese origami, the whole range is light, colourful and quirky; I do like them all. But I particularly like this red one. It’s bright, bold and boisterous! Perfect for making a statement on a casual day. Make sure you check out the rest of the range at

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