Louis Vuitton: Kusama collection

This might be old news to some but I really wanted to post about this exciting new collaboration. Yayoi Kusama fell under my radar not so long ago, just as she was exhibiting at Tate Modern in London. I was very intrigued by her psychedelic polka dot prints. After some research into what she does, I found ‘Kusama Happening’, a section of her vast range of work. Yayoi is deeply influenced by anti-Vietnam war movement, and American presidential elections, in 1960s staged a  number of happenings simply called ‘Kusama Happening’. Polka dots were created as a trademark for the events. Yayoi would cover her body in dots, as well as started creating dresses and textiles. Happenings took place at fashion shows, anti war protests and body painting festivals, increasingly showing a strong social consciousness.  

‘Red, green and yellow polka dots can be the circles representing the earth, the sun, or the moon. Their shapes and what they signify do not really matter. I paint polka dots on the bodies of people, and with those polka dots, the people will self-obliterate and return to the nature of the universe.’

And now her art will come together with visually strong Louis Vuitton to create eye popping, playful items of desire. You will see them in stores later this week!

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