A ‘Rare’ review – Rare London

Rare London was officially born in 1999 as ‘Fashion Finder.’ Originally a knitwear supplier to high street fashion stores, the family run business has gone from strength to strength. In 2009, the fashion house collaborated with each member of British pop group The Saturdays, launching a stylist and trendy range of outfits for the high street. Rare London is currently Topshops best selling concession and today, their garments are shipped to over 80 countries worldwide. One thing I love about Rare London is that they provide affordable fashion so that everyone can afford to indulge and express their individuality. After all, fashion is meant to be both enjoyed and expressive! Here, especially for you, is a selection from their current online range. It’s all very cute!

  1. Puff Sleeve Chiffon Playsuit – £15 
  2. Zebra Sequin Box Clutch – £15 
  3. Embroidered Tribal Top – £45 
  4. Contrast Chiffon Blouse – £35
  5. Sequin Skater Dress (Nude) –  £59 

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