Plastic fantastic: From Beach to the City

Would you carry a clear handbag?
I don’t feel completely comfortable with the idea of my handbag’s contents being visible to the world, but I cant help being seduced by the shiny plastic finish that effortlessly propels you into the ‘cool crowd’. It will definitely have an effect on how you pack your bag as you will have to think about not only taking the essentials but also items that look great. It is definitely a great reason to get a chic case to keep your valuables in. So with lucite heels being so in fashion right now, it would only make sense to pair it up with a see-though bag…no?Clockwise from top left, 

1. Oscar de la Renta (left) white patent transparent travel tote, $895

2. & 3. Furla Candy Satchel, £185

4. Jelly Barrel Bag from Accessorize, £26

5. Transparent bag £24 from

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