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Look familiar? My outfit probably does. Well, what you can see of it! These are a couple of extra shots from my Checkmate outfit post a couple of weeks ago. Elena hasn’t told you this, nor will she ever admit it, but she is a fantastic photographer. Seriously. We don’t always meet to take photos, instead it’s usually coffee, cakes and lots of chit-chat. So when we do, I absolutely love it. El  captured this outfit for me and every photo she took was so beautiful. These are two that I didn’t post but particularly love, especially the first one. Isn’t she a talented girl?Adiyam_signature_the_coup

Outfit: Tropical print


When I was on holiday in St. Petersburg, Russia I came by Monton boutique. Monton is a very popular eastern European brand, that produces lovely smart casual pieces.


I couldn’t resist picking up this ‘palm’ print skirt. Although in these photos palm trees are hidden under my knit. The skirt is made from structured fabric, nipped at the waist. Playing on the burgundy notes I paired it with a thin knit from New Look. You can see skirt’s beautifully unusual pattern much better here:


I highly recommend taking a look at Monton’s website, montonfashion.com. They have loads more pieces that I’d love to order. For now I will wear my new skirt to work. Ta-Ta!



Everything Orange


Monday. Yes!

What d’ya think of my new trainers? I actually bought these a few weeks ago but you’ve been seeing so much footwear from me (especially trainers, which have become a bit of a guilty pleasure for me) that I thought I’d give you a break. Considerate, that’s me! Lol. Anyways, how fresh are these?! I frigging love them. When I bought them, I was on my way to meet some old friends for dinner. When I looked into the shop display as I walked past Office in central London, these beauts were just sat there casually, smiling at me, waiting someone to show them a little love. I tried to ignore them and carry on walking but when I got a little further down the road I just had to turn around. I tried them on and they just hugged my feet and stuck to them, a little like glue would. Funnily enough when I got to the restaurant about 20 minutes later with my new purchase, I found out that all 5 of my friends were running late. Divine intervention perhaps?! :) I’m looking forward to summer just so I can wear these all.damn.day. Woop!

Have a good day peeps!


Air Max Thea – Nike

Alexander Wang X H&M


Finally, H&M have unveiled who their new collaboration will be with, and it’s none other than Alexander Wang. Wang, who is also the creative director at Balenciaga, confirmed the news last night at music festival Coachella. He’s following in the footsteps of Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney and most recently Isabel Marant who all have collaborated with the high-street favourite.

Exciting! Roll on November 6


Retail Therapy

Happy Friday Team Coup! Hope you are all enjoying your mornings! I am looking forward to this weekend, it will be packed out with fun! Starting off with a chocolate feast at the festival in Islington Business centre, followed by more food at friend’s rooftop BBQ and a Sunday afternoon horse riding lesson.

Last weekend , in contrast, was a relaxing one. On Saturday I have treated myself to a shopping trip to Westfields, White City. I headed straight for their Zara store and came out with these three items.


Black and white patterned coat is in my favourite cut. I find these open front coats so versatile. I’m looking forward to wearing it all spring long.


2250617707_6_1_1 copyA black knit with a sheer back a lovely piece that can make knits sexy for a night out. Leopard trousers – my new staple.



And how stunning is this white blazer?? I’d like to tell myself it’s something I can’t live without. Feeling very satisfied with my purchases…for now…


Outfit – Too Cool for School

IMG_0861The other day, for an afternoon amble with El in Hampstead, I swapped my staple look of a skirt and pumps for a pair of worn converse and tattered, although new pair of skinnies. Wearing a knit that was two sizes up helped add to that extra slouchy look. Dress down days – gotta love ‘em. They get two thumbs up from me.IMG_0856

We took a stroll, did a little bit of shopping and then had a sensible afternoon coffee. In one of the shops (Whistles I think), I saw this gorgeous necklace with an inscription that caught my eye…

IMG_0837“He who holds the key can unlock my heart.”

How quaint; how cute.


Although I can’t exactly say the same for my chucks… oops! Err, I think I need to invest in a new pair sometime soon.

Hope you beauts have a lovely day



Knit – H&M; Ripped Skinny Jeans – Zara; All Stars – Converse; Shoulder Bag – H&M

Kate Moss // Topshop

kate-moss-for-topshop-spring-summer-2014-campaign-5-vogue-8april14-pr_426x639We’ve finally been given a sneak peak into Kate Moss’ new capsule collection for Topshop. After the success of her collaboration with the high-street giant back in 2007, we’re glad to see Britain’s sweetheart staying loyal to her roots. Pieces will available on Net-a-PorterNordstrom.com and, naturally, Topshop’s official website which should keep you international shoppers happy. Excited? You can read more about the collaboration here.






Love this drape dress by H&M. The cut, the colour and the price. At only £14.99 it’s a bargain, I’m so tempted to buy it in every colour…! I snapped it up about 3 weeks ago. It’s gorgeous on. I wore it the other day and the compliments wouldn’t stop rolling in. I’ll dress it up for you soon!


Draped Dress – H&M

Outfit: Casual Leather

IMG_4917This casual weekend outfit is all about comfort!


Here I am wearing my new H&M embellished tee and MOTO indigo Mottle Leigh jeans. They are super soft and fit like a glove, lovely indigo is a nice change from my favourite black skinnies.

IMG_4925To complete the look I threw on paper thin Warehouse faux leather jacket and my studded Zara boots to add a bit of tough edge.

IMG_4943Have a very happy Monday!


Hey Huarache!

IMG_5066So, these are the new trainers that everyone seems to be caving into. It’s funny because they aren’t actually new. No, not at all: they were actually all the rage when I was in secondary school, a whole 10 years ago…! But then, as always, the trend disappeared and like clockwise came around again.


They are a little usual in the sense that they aren’t the ‘cutest’ pair of trainers. But hey, what is ‘cute’? And comfort-wise, my oh my! I love them; they’re my new go-to pair when I’m on the run. They are quirky, unusual and admittedly, I do enjoy wearing things that aren’t considered particularly pretty or conventional and convincing people otherwise.



Nike Air Huarache – Office